Arduino and Robotics Training Program at SLTC

Arduino is an open source platform that is used to build electronics projects. The knowledge on Arduino is important for an engineering undergraduate to develop skills in electronic and automation as well as to carry out creative and innovative ideas.

This Wednesday, the Arduino and Robotic workshop was held at the Sri Lanka Technological Campus, Meepe. This workshop is great for people who might take their first steps in robotics and arduino programming. And we proudly say.30 students were contacted and also connected with us.

Accordingly, the thingerbir’s team has successfully conducted the “Arduino and Robotics Workshop” for the undergraduates in order to give them a basic introduction to Arduino.

The projects, which were presented to the students during the workshop

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  • navindu hirusha 06 / 03 / 2020 Reply

    superb training workshop ever

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